Our Board

  • Kimberly Peterka

    Board position (s): President-Elect, Development Committee, Facilities Restoration Committee Professional position: VP of KIMSCO & Akretep, Inc. (real estate and…

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  • Rosalyn Benson

    Board position(s): Programming Committee Professional position: Retired Assistant Dean for Miami University College of Creative Arts. Instructor and Director in…

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  • Linda Coley

    Board Position(s): Development Committee Professional position: Retired Associate Professor of Marketing, Transportation and Supply Chain Department Chair, North Carolina A&T…

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  • Layne Listerman

    Board position: Facilities Restoration Committee Professional position: Retired, art teacher, Framingham Schools, Framingham, Massachusetts Joined the Board 2016

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  • John Moul

    Board position(s): Human Resources Committee Professional position: Retired Attorney Joined Board: 2017

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  • John Clements

    Board position: Treasurer, Finance Committee Professional Position: Retired, VP&CFO McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital Joined Board 2016

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  • Beth Baer

    Beth Baer

    Board Position: Board President Professional Position: Retired, MU Accountancy Faculty, School of Business Associate Dean I currently enjoy walking (or…

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  • Libby Birch

    Libby Birch

    Board position: Development Committee Co-Chair Professional position: Retired, Art Instructor/K-12, Miami University Favorite Pastimes: teaching art to kids, gardening, birding,…

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  • John E. Bystrom

    John E. Bystrom

    Board position(s): Chair of Facilities Restoration Committee Professional position: John Bystrom Design-Builder - Building Contractor and Designer Favorite Pastimes: Enjoy…

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  • Jacqueline “Jackie” Hunt

    Jacqueline “Jackie” Hunt

    Board Position: Board Secretary, Facilities and Restoration Committee member Favorite Pastimes: I enjoy working in my garden

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  • James Killy

    James Killy

    Board Position: OCAC Board Member, Human Resources Committee, Facilities Restoration Committee. Professional Position: Retired Miami University Professor of Art in…

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  • Bonnie Mason

    Bonnie Mason

    Board position(s): Development Committee Co-Chair Professional position: Retired, Curator of Education, Miami University Art Museum

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