Our Committees

Executive Committee

Provide oversight and vision guiding the operations and future of the Oxford Community Arts Center.

  • Kimberly Peterka, Board President
  • Alan deCourcy, Vice President
  • John Clements, Treasurer
  • Layne Listerman, Secretary
  • Beth Baer, Past President
  • Heidi Schiller, Executive Director

Development Committee

Meeting quarterly, this committee provides oversight to all Development sub-committees,  works in conjunction with the Executive Director and Finance Committee, to develop and complete essential board-level fundraising tasks.

  • Beth Baer, Co-Chair
  • Alan deCourcy, Co-Chair
  • Patti Liberatore
  • Alan deCourcy, Annual Campaign Chair 
  • TBD, Donor Development & Special Events Chair
  • Bonnie Mason, Gala Planning Chair
  • TBD, Planned Giving Chair
  • Kari McLean, Staff Liaison

Gala Planning

Planning and running the Annual Gala which takes place each April. This includes decisions around theme, soliciting silent auction items, seeking and securing sponsors, selling Gala tickets, and more.

  • Bonnie Mason, Chair
  • Kimberly Peterka, Board President
  • Libby Birch
  • Layne Listerman
  • Debra MacDonald
  • Jeff MacDonald
  • Gwen Pietzuch
  • Debra Ross
  • Janet Shirley
  • Ellen Weisman
  • Donna Stevens, Staff Liaison

Additional Sub-Committees
  • Annual Campaign Sub-Committee
  • Donor Development & Special Events Sub-Committee
  • Planned Giving Sub-Committee
  • Exhibition Committee

    Oversee Calls for Art and visual arts selections for the season and special exhibits.

    • Alan deCourcy, Chair
    • Robert Mullenix
    • Jim Killy
    • Layne Listerman
    • Bonnie Mason
    • Elizabeth Birch
    • Heidi Schiller, Executive Director

    Facilities Restoration Committee

    Provide technical guidance and management of facility-related expenditures and maintenance projects and activities.

    • Jeff MacDonald, Chair
    • Kimberly Peterka, Board President
    • John Bystrom
    • Beth Baer
    • Norm Butt
    • Steve Gordon
    • Jim Killy
    • Layne Listerman
    • Jim Meador
    • Ron Overly
    • Silvia Rothschild
    • Jack Southard
    • Heidi Schiller, Executive Director

    Finance Committee

    Provide oversight and advice on financial matters, insurance, budget adherence and internal controls, and essential reporting.

    • Jack Southard, Chair
    • John Clements, Treasurer
    • Kimberly Peterka, Board President
    • Beth Killy
    • Beth Baer, Past President
    • Heidi Schiller, Executive Director

    HR & Policy Committee

    Oversee staff and board related policies to ensure compliance with best practices.

    • John Moul, Chair
    • Terry Beck
    • Nora Ellen Bowers
    • Pam Robinson

    Program Committee

    Analysis of audience needs and programming, expansion of community-based programming and sponsorships, and more. Establishing and guiding Youth Board for high school and college students.

    • Rosalyn Benson, Chair
    • Chris Adryan
    • Amy Bartel
    • Bill Greene
    • Amy Longcamp
    • Connie McCarthy
    • Shelagh Moul
    • Molly Wonko
    • Donna Stevens, Staff Liaison