Second Friday Celebration of the Arts

Second Friday, sponsored by The Elms Hotel, is a local celebration of the arts. Beginning at 6 pm on the second Friday of each month (except January & July). This free event includes music, new art exhibitions opening reception, open 3rd Floor Studios and ArtShop.

Musical guest The Sirenz made up of Vicky Agee, René Mckinstry, and Deb Richardson takes the stage at 7:30. Known for their fun, folksy, bluesy style, this three-part harmony group performs both classic and contemporary music. Second Friday performances are sponsored by Jack and Sally Southard.


HEALING WITH ART-- The ‘art’ of art therapy:
Chronicles of Recovery - Lee Baker DeVore

This exhibit tells visual stories of recovery and healing using art therapy, both as part of professional therapy assignments’, and as self-directed therapy.  The methods that I found produced the most revelations:

  • emotionally responding to the therapist’s ‘assignment’;
  • working rapidly and intuitively, even ‘primitively’, with no attention to aesthetics; and
  • using the non-dominant hand, which helps bypass intellectual decisions to access the unconscious and core issues/emotions more immediately.

PLEIN AIR PAINTERS OXFORD is a group of people who simply love to paint! Sharing a passion for the arts and painting in particular, we are inspired by plain air, the beauty of our area, and artistic enthusiasm ~ painting inside when cold.  The original group started 2011 and now numbers 5 regular painters. Join us on second and fourth Mondays each month + special sessions. Artists represented are:
Tracy Bezesky
Sharon Bogan
Debra Bowles
Carol Burke
Howard Krauss
Marcia Waller
Marta Clark Wendt


Impressions of Southwest Ohio
Howard Krauss

Representational art was first used to spread news, document the lives of people,

and  preserve ways of life.  People gathered to see the latest artistic interpretations.  Today more people watch TV or go to movies in one day than visit all galleries and museums combined.  In this exhibit, I try to capture moments in time that preserve their places in history.

Howard Krauss is a watercolor artist who maintains a studio at the Oxford Community Art Center. Howard paints primarily in watercolor and teaches art classes at the art center, various locations in this country and abroad. His paintings reflect places he has visited. Many of Howard's works are done plein air.