Second Friday Celebration of the Arts

Second Friday, sponsored by The Elms Hotel, is a local celebration of the arts. Beginning at 6 pm on the second Friday of each month (except January & July). This free event includes music, new art exhibitions opening reception, open 3rd Floor Studios and ArtShop.


Artistry in Wood: Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild
The Mission of the Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild is to actively promote the art and craft of woodturning.  We do this through exhibits and demonstrations of woodturning in diverse venues.  More information

Perseverance with Dignity: Impressions of Homelessness and Hunger
This exhibit presents works that, through visual response and reflection, give hunger and homelessness an identity beyond the statistics, embracing the hungry and homeless not as faceless numbers but as members of our community who we know and care about.  By turning compassion into artistic action, we hope to raise consciousness of humanity’s shared purpose.  We envision an exhibition to activate reflection, questioning, understanding and even action by highlighting the various interpretations of being hungry and/or homeless


Garcia and Scott are authentically, Garcia and Scott. In other words, what you see is what you get. Genuine. Artful. Real. They write, produce, record, and perform their own songs and videos. Even when they do a cover song, they tear it down and rebuild it. When they’re not at home in Nashville, writing and recording, you’ll find the husband and wife duo out on the road, performing an energetic and original blend of rock, blues, alt-country and Latin-Influenced acoustic music, at clubs, theaters, festivals, fairs and concert series all over the south and Midwest. Always working to grow, Garcia and Scott have added Europe to their schedule, performing in Madrid, Barcelona and Dublin. The duo’s signature sound is defined by strong lead and harmony vocals, Scott's rhythmic guitar style, and Garcia's percussion. Whether it’s an original, or an originally-arranged cover song, there’s no denying, it’s Garcia and Scott. Take it from a fan: "Is it the songs? Yeah, they’re clever, well-crafted and lively. Is it the musicianship? Yeah, that too. Scott sounds like two players at once sometimes. Is it the stage presence? Yeah sure, both Garcia and Scott are having a great time up there. Is it the vocal blend. That’s it, that’s it right there. Their voices are meant to be heard together. Don’t miss your chance to hear them soon and often!!” -- John Griffin, Host-Juke Joint Shuffle, WKMS Murray, KY