Mix & Mingle Second Friday

December 13, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Oxford Community Arts Center
10 S College Ave
Oxford, OH 45056
Oxford Community Arts Center

This special Mix & Mingle Second Friday precedes The Oxford Musicians Songs of the Season Holiday Concert. Come enjoy open studios, the Art Shop, and a reception before the music begins at 7:30 pm.  Additional information about Songs of the Season

OCAC Studio Artist are planning a special Open Studios on the 3rd floor including:
A Winter Theme Art Exhibit
Items for sale: Christmas gifts
Wine and Music

Second Friday, sponsored by The Elms Hotel, is a local celebration of the arts. Beginning at 6 pm on the second Friday of each month (except January & July). This free event includes music, new art exhibitions opening reception, open 3rd Floor Studios and ArtShop.


Oxford Visual Arts Connection – Calendar Artists

The Oxford Visual Arts Connection’s 3rd Annual Oxford Artists’ Calendar for 2020 will debut at Second Friday on December 13, 2019.

The Oxford Visual Arts Connection (OVAC) is a Facebook page. It was started as a tool to locate and support our talent in the Oxford area. This is our 3rd Oxford artists’ calendar. Our calendar artist selection process was invitational and open on a first-come-first-serve basis. The only stipulation was our desire to try to have a variety of media represented. The art show is structured in order by month, with each artist offering up a maximum of five works including their calendar piece. We want to thank the artists for their work, for their sharing, and for the effort they’ve put into contributing art to the community they love.

Shades of Blue - Alan deCourcy
“There are connoisseurs of blue just as there are connoisseurs of wine." - Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

The focus of this exhibit is a group of photographs that have as their subject matter the concept of “blue”. “Blue” has diverse meanings and can apply to color, music, emotion, or a state of being. The photographs in the exhibit would seek to visually convey that diversity. That same diversity is expressed in word and song.  Therefore, the photographs are accompanied by quotations from authors in different disciplines and with music in which the style or lyrics explore the idea of “blue.” The exhibit aims to provide viewers with a holistic artistic experience. I hope you enjoy it.


Containment Series – Eric England

Eric Scott England has occasionally been accused of being a Superhero, Interrupted. In that pursuit he has dissected some cadavers, animated commercials, spread the Good News in Soviet Romania, taught high school and university art, earned some advanced degrees, been shot down by Marvel and DC as a penciller, eaten a lot of doughnuts and Kraft macaroni & cheese, hit the gym, sculpted for Disney and Warner Brothers, published several webcomics, pushed his R1 to 161 m.p.h., doggedly written his congressmen, representatives and the last 3 presidents, amassed a cumbersome amount of comic-related paraphernalia, had shows here and there, written several screenplays,  traveled the land, and allegedly scribes a damn good email (complete with pictures, links, different font colors- the stuff of legend).

England is currently burning the midnight oil sculpting for an upcoming show (June 2020) at the Weston in Cincinnati that will feature quintessential heroes in all their Spandex glory. Come by and let everyone know you knew him before they did. Donuts provided.