6x6x6 Show

What can you see in a 6x6x6 space?
Neither vertical nor horizontal the composition is at play.
It could be anything at all.

Parameters for the show were: 6 inches by 6 inches outer dimensions (including any frame) with a maximum of 6 entries. No one asked how deep the art pieces could be but the answer would have been 6 inches!

Limiting to such a small size of any medium but one-of-a-kind art seemed to give Artists the confidence to feel in control and certain to finish…even if only one piece of art. Maybe  the emphasis on fun made this show seem more inviting to all?

It is the diversity of the artists’ talents, tools, and materials, that make this an intriguing show. We present to you, the 6x6x6 Show...ENJOY!

A call for art went specifically to Oxford Visual Arts Connection Facebook page and the general Oxford arts community.