Call for Gala Promotional Art

Call for Gala Promotional Artwork

2021 Theme: Art & Nature - Together Again
Submission Deadline: November 23, 2020.

The Oxford Community Art Center (OCAC) invites artists to submit an image of original artwork that best represents the theme for the 2021 OCAC Gala: “Art & Nature - Together Again.” OCAC will use this image to publicize the 2021 Gala on invitations, the website, posters, and social media. The original will be auctioned at the 2021 Gala to be held in April 2021. There is no submission fee.

Artist Guidelines

Artist must provide the following information and be able to commit to delivery of artwork following these guidelines in order to be considered.
All artwork designs must be original to the artist. Artist will not include items, images, designs, or other details which are held in copyright by someone else.

About the Artwork

  • Original artwork must be 2-dimensional; no photography.
  • The Gala Committee will select one image from those submitted, with the original artwork purchased from the artist at an agreed upon price not to exceed $300.
  • The choice of artwork will hinge directly on the quality and creativity of the work, how well it fits the theme and intended use.
  • OCAC will have the right to use the image in its entirety or deconstructed for any purpose related to the Gala event.

Submission Details

Digital Submissions only.

Note: Submitted materials will not be returned.
To submit, please email with:

  • Subject Line: Art & Nature – Together Again
  • Contact Information: Artist name, address, telephone, email address
  • Completed entry form
  • Digital Samples for consideration: Using any of the following methods
    • Providing access to DropBox, Google Drive, or other online source
    • Attaching zipped file (File Size Reduced)
    • Attaching individual JPEG or PNG files

Download the form.