Elements of Color by Leslye Simak

In my paintings you'll see how color is used to accentuate the subject’s beauty.  Some are bold and others soft, some are whimsical while others are life like. In the three elements of color; hue brightness, and brilliance, I believe the first two elements are more of a common thread throughout my paintings.

I like to express the beauty that I see using color and imagery that enhances the painting. For example with the Big Tiger; a realistic looking strong tiger blending with a softer, dreamy image behind her. The smaller tiger shrouded in red, hot and dry with the full sun beating down, then adding a contrasting cooler bluish area that quenches the parched earth with a mixed media of paper flowers.

As you look at the coat of the mule which offers brilliance and beauty as if he is glowing, the picture contrasts the beauty against the mule's strong determination of a muddy work horse.

The three tree paintings are realistic winter scenes yet with the cold of snow they feel as if they are blanketed in warmth.

Many of the paintings represents different qualities that I find inherent in our lives. Curiosity of a cat as he watches a butterfly, lonely trees that feel inviting, cut flowers that won't live long that bring joy. The part of my grandmother's house that you see hides all the memories made on visits, just as the abstracts resemble blurred memories.

A few paintings are childlike and happy.

My painting represents a variety of life and animals that symbolize friendship, love and strength.