David Patrick's illustrations have always been an attempt to infuse fun, humor, and a sense of light-heartedness into any and every subject matter. Whether it be pop culture, politics, or personal beliefs, he infuses his art with a well-meaning irreverence. Art that shows even weighty subjects are not always grim or somber.
With this collection, "Fatal, but not serious", David wants to evoke smiles from the observer. He wants them to walk away with happy thoughts and enjoyable memories. Most of all, he wants them to know it's okay not to take life too seriously. After all, nobody gets out alive.

David V Patrick attended vocational school for commercial art in Columbus, Ohio during High School, then went on to attend at the Columbus College of Art and Design.
His artistic career has involved various freelance positions designing graphics for different clothing companies, including www.wildbangarang.com, as well as illustrations and cover designs for book publishers.
David currently lives just outside Oxford, but works in Oxford as an employee of Miami University.