Fissure Shaft

John Jude Windland’s nearly 30-year project, Fissure Shaft, is a multimedia experiment looking to express complex emotional and intellectual matters unfettered from the most common form of communication, syntactic language. Mediums move from the tangible to the algorithmic.

Not to muddle the two, mind you, but to illustrate the pattern centric nature of human perception that are the tools we wield, however clumsy, we use to understand the world around us.

Sound, in environments, spaces, and explore potentials unknown. This, the dominant domain for this new language, would fall unfinished without the engineering of new and nearly unfathomable instruments to broaden the expanse. Visuals, plastic or digitized, accompany the compositions and are often a snapshot of a musical idea.

Listen to John Jude Windland’s solo project, Fissure Shaft.