This exhibition consists of a body of three-dimensional figurative sculpture created from handmade self-drying paper clay over a wire armature. The paper clay material has an earthy look and feel to it tying the figures to the natural environment.  Tiny buildings, pathways, stairs, bridges, and windows populate the visual landscape of the figure.

Sculptor, Pamela Hignite Deaton states, "The narrative for my artwork is "I am, we are." This narrative is inspired by the idea of who we are as a species on a primordial level. Visually influenced by non-western sources, the work is a spiritual representation of all of us.  It stands for our existence together moving through this time and space on earth. Creating our destiny and manifesting the destiny of our future generations.  Our great journey together from our birth until our death, as individuals and as a collective."

Pamela Hignite Deaton
Artist Statement
Creating art has been my passion and my life's blood since childhood. Finding my voice as an artist didn't come until I had experienced numerous traumatic events in young adulthood. I gave birth to stillborn twins in my early twenties and I spent many years working through this tragedy. When I began making art again, this loss kept appearing in my work in subtle ways without me even realizing it was there.

Once I embraced the influence that birth and death was having upon my creative process, my work took on a more powerful universal meaning. The theme of birth and death cycles throughout each piece and appears in ways that sometimes even I can't see until the piece is finished.

As I create each piece I think about how we are interrelated to one another, to other species, to nature, to our environment. I think about the things we have in common; our shared experiences shared beliefs, shared DNA, and shared biological structure. My work speaks to our collective commonalities. Commonalities that tie us all together on our shared journey from birth to death.


Pamela Hignite Deaton is a professional sculptor from Liberty, Indiana. She is also an art educator for Franklin County High School in Brookville, Indiana.

Pamela has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. She also holds a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture and a Master of Arts in Education from Miami University.

Her work has been exhibited in various galleries and art centers in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, and Illinois. Her figurative sculpture has won numerous honors at juried exhibitions throughout the Midwest.

Pamela was awarded the Lilly Endowment for Teacher Creativity in 2012.