Lee Devore

 collage-gatheringthestorm1Stuff of Earth

Lee Devore

November 11 - December 20

These renderings and paintings are done with no man made tools other than containers for the found objects or, in the case of stick & ink drawings, for the ink, water, and gesso.  I use nothing but fingers & natural found objects to apply whatever pigment or marks I make on paper, prepared board, slate, or bark.

For the ‘Stick & Ink’ work, I use fingers & found objects to apply water, ink & gesso (a white acrylic primer.) to surfaces, and the objects I use become part of the artwork at the end in the framing process if they haven’t disintegrated along the way. In the ‘Found Pigments’ paintings, I collect and use various colors of mud, gravel, sand, ash (which are mixed with mat medium as a binder), berries, bark, grass & flower petal stains. Again, these are applied either with fingers or found objects.

The very freshness, unpredictability, & lack of polish in the tools and medium fosters a freshness and serendipity of the process that helps keep me loose and let the essential expression in the works come through. The use of objects found on the site also integrates me with the scene, creating an intimate experience and sense of place.

This way of working is as much play and discovery as it is creation of artwork. In a way, the end product is almost incidental to the process. I say ‘almost’, because in the end, I am still a very visual creature as well as a tactile/sensory one, and I do aim for a pleasing result.  But I also aim to work in ways that feed the imagination and the joy of being creatively engaged.


Lee Baker DeVore received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a major in drawing/painting from Miami University, and completed one year of masters work at the same before leaving to partner with John DeVore in establishing and running a Landscape design/build company in Southwest OH. Besides her work with the company as designer, nursery and office manager, she raised 3 children, & a truck garden, and fit art in around the edges when possible.  But she began her artistic journey as far back as she can remember. There is no time when she has not created artwork or lived artistically – in innumerable ways.

She resides now in Oxford, Ohio. She has held numerous exhibitions locally over the years, and has won several “Best of Show” and "Honorable Mention" awards in regional exhibitions.

She works both 2 and 3 dimensionally. Her current focus is on building elf & fairy houses and whimsical structures, and drawing/painting with found objects (like sticks, pine cones, weeds) and pigments (like mud, berries, flower petals, whatever is handy.)

“I find my place, feel the most alive, when I connect with the earth and the forces of nature. Intuitively, contemplatively. Playfully. Gratefully. Finding fullness in the participation of the moment. What I make reflects that interaction. Essence. A breath of fresh air, a moment of light, reflection, whimsy, delight, peace.”