Magic Carpet Theatre: Abiyoyo



Date: Friday, Jan. 21 at 7 PM
Location: Brant Ballroom
Tickets: On sale starting Monday, January 10
$10 Adult | $7 Child, age 12 and younger
Show notes: Per City Mask Mandate, children age 3 and up must wear masks.

This one-man storytelling experience encourages children to face the monsters in their own life with honesty, courage, and strength of spirit.

About the Show:
Abiyoyo is based on a South African folk tale about a giant who eats everything in sight—cows, goats, and even children! Audiences will learn that Abiyoyo just wants to be recognized. Brought to the West by Pete Seger as a bedtime story for his own children, the original South African folktale takes on the attributes of the storyteller themselves, implying that each storyteller adds something different to the tale. Abiyoyo will be brought to life through traditional South African dance, music, and cultural nuances that address fears that speak to us all.

Run Time: approximately 50 minutes
All Ages Welcome - recommended for K-5

About Cincinnati Children's Theatre:
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2021-22 Magic Carpet Theatre Series.
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