2021 OVAC Calendar Artists

The Oxford Visual Arts Connection (OVAC) is a Facebook page. It was started as a tool to locate and support our talent in the Oxford area. It is an open page that shares artwork and artful information, allows networking of artists, and promotes exposure or contact between the Oxford community and some of its artists.

In 2016, someone suggested that members might create a calendar. A project committee was formed, and we took up the challenge to create a calendar featuring Oxford area artists. It debuted in 2017 with an art show highlighting the calendar art and other art pieces.

This is our 4th Oxford artists’ calendar. We are debuting the calendar with this show of art by our 2021 calendar artists. Our calendar artist selection process was invitational and open on a first-come-first-serve basis. The only stipulation was our desire to try to have a variety of media represented.

The art show is structured in order by month, with each artist offering up a maximum of five works including their calendar piece. We want to thank the artists for their work, for their sharing, and for the effort they’ve put into contributing art to the community they love.

Our hope is to bring more energy to our community and enrich the time we all spend in the town we work and live in. The OVAC projects committee looks forward to expanding the range of our activities and seeing more from all of our OVAC and other local artists. We give special thanks to the Oxford Community Arts Center for their support in our initial venture and their continued support of our work, our artists, and our shows.

OVAC Calendar Contributing Artists:

  • January – Howard Krauss
  • February – Kayla Bennett
  • March – Emily Grizzell
  • April – Kaylonna Swatzell
  • May – Mark DeGennaro
  • June – Jahni Ittel
  • July – John D. Kinne
  • August – Isabella Luca
  • September – Ashley Marcum
  • October – John Femiani
  • November – Tom Hogeback
  • December – Jessy Bigham
  • Cover – Stephanie Beckner

OVAC Calendar Organization Committee:

  • Stephanie Beckner
  • Tracy Bezesky
  • Debra Bowles
  • Norm Krumpe
  • Joe Prescher
  • Virgil Seger

Buy Your 2021 Calendar in the Oxford Community Arts Center front office: $12.00