String, Yarn, Felt and Fabric

A Virtual Course via Zoom

Instructor: Elise McWilliams

Monday thru Friday
August 10th through 14th
9:00 am thru 10:00 am each day

$40 per person
Ages: 5-9 with an adult present or 10+ on their own


Learn the basics of sewing a small stuffed creature, felting a pet portrait (real or imaginary), woven bracelet with accents, embroidery techniques, crochet and spool knitting!

UPDATE: Materials List
Fabric, 2 pieces approximately 6"x6"
Needle, pins and all purpose thread
Embroidery Floss
Wool Roving: 3-4 small balls of wool
Felting Needle
Foam Pad
Finger Protection: leather gloves or leather finger protectors
Cardboard, Paper plate or use foam pad
Crochet needle
Spool Knitter
Awl or pointy pen for spool knitting