Vulnerable Dreamers Photography Exhibit by Ligia Cuevas’ Johnson

In celebration of  National Hispanic Heritage Month, in partnership with Miami University Center for American and World Cultures, OCAC presents Vulnerable Dreamers, a photography exhibit by Ligia Cuevas' Johnson.  The Vulnerable Dreamers exhibit comprises 40 black-and-white photographs of Latino children taken in Santa Fe, NM; Cincinnati, OH; New York, NY; and small towns in Kentucky. The images show Americanized children of immigrants.

Ligia Cuevas' photographs of Latino children capture the essence of a bright and beautiful generation which are a tangible asset to America's future.  Ligia was an artist before she trained as a photographer. More importantly, she studied art and folkloric dance in Mexico City which, observers believe, has brought her photographs a stage-like ambiance. She was educated in the vision of Mexico’s famous artists and muralist's, such as Jose Clement Orozco, Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Tina Madotti and David Alfaro Siqueiros.

"Oscar" a Latino child photographed by Ligia Cuevas'Johnson.
Part of the Vulnerable Dreamers, photography exhibit.