Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions

Open: November 12
Close: December 3

Shell Mask by Libby Birch

Shell Mask

Elizabeth Birch

"Fabrics: Raw, Torn, and Textured"

About the Artist

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Iowa and presently is retired having taught both privately, at Miami University, and in the Middletown City School District for 35 years. She served as Art Director for Middfest International for 30 years. Her affiliations include Board Member of Middletown Fine Arts Center, Board member of Middletown Symphony, Board Member of Oxford Community Arts Center, and President, Secretary and Arts Chair for the Tri-Arts Council. She designed the 1991 bicentennial quilt for the city of Middletown and was selected as Volunteer of the Year (Middletown Area Teachers Credit Union). She has been nominated for both the Cultural Opus Award (City of Dayton), and Outstanding Art Educator (Fitton Arts Center, Hamilton, Ohio).

Artist Statement

Artists have various roles: being spiritual leaders, defining culture, providing alternative perceptions, and bringing aesthetic awareness to realization.

There are moments in everyone’s life when a heightened emotion, memory, or a moment brings harmony and connects the experiences as an interpretation of a personal definition of beauty. These moments come at random times for me so my work is an attempt to translate insights into meaningful “fabric making”.

I choose to explore a variety of mediums: watercolor, acrylic, sculpture, and photography. Influences include children’s art, nature, history, and music. I find beauty in the silence and stillness of the world. Nature-based experiences provide a reassurance that life and creation are a miracle. As an artist I see the process of creation as an interpretation of life swell as the unseen: sounds and touch. The subjects for my work are influenced by ideas that originate from what I see in my mind, my religious convictions, and my surroundings.

Princess and Her Pearls by Chrissy Collopy

Princess and Her Pearls

Chrissy Collopy

"In the Beginning..."

About the Artist

In her painting and sculpture studios, located in Darrtown, Chrissy creates in a variety of mediums: oils, acrylics, mixed media, repurposed and found object art, paper mache clay, sewing, and wood carving. She has exhibited both regionally and nationally, and her works are in private collections nationally and internationally. Chrissy attended the Fine Arts Program at Miami University from 2001-2005. She received a certificate of completion from the New York City Settlement School for Creative Aging in 2013. She has worked in the arts for over 20 years including Bill's Art Store, OCAC Gallery Curator and art instructor for After School Art, private lessons for children and adults, and as a Lead Artist for Opening Minds through Art. She currently teaches Creative Aging Acrylic Painting.

Artist Statement

“In the Beginning...” is an exhibition of a selection of my past works. While creating these works, I was experimenting with shape, color, and form. I was making observations of relationships between people, people with nature, or even nature without people. This exhibit includes paintings and drawings inspired by Abstraction, Expressionism, and Surrealism. By fusing these genres together and filtering them through my own vision, I was able to create an original stylistic approach to subject matter and content.  These pieces are a precursor to my current body of work which you can view at www.chrissycollopy.com or my Instagram account, @sapphiresunfish.

Plein Air Debra Bowles

Debra Bowles

Plein Air Oxford

"Plein Air Oxford"

About the Artists

Tracy Bezesky

Tracy spent all of her life making art, from billboard pictorials, 3D graphics, illustrations and back to fine art. As a Plein Air Painter, she is excited to explore the combination of rivers, fields, and trees on rolling hills, and the skies above in the Cincinnati area. Tracy likes to lay down stokes of color, light and shade where she sees it, and let it be, providing bolder color and texture. She has an art studio at the Art Center in Oxford.

Debra Bowles

As a farming artist, both these disciplines have formed Debra's passionate love and understanding of life’s basic, natural elements. She attempts to flow that passion into art…

After growing up on the family farm, Purdue/Ball State/IUEast /Miami Universities introduced formal art concepts within a variety of media. Georgia O’Keeffe and Crossan Hays Curry ignited the flame, but perchance, Debra discovered liquid inks and truly fell in love with art!

Shows/competitions/awards later, including Oxford’s 2005 Woman of the Year for environmental and art activity (Audubon Miami Valley & Art All Over Tour) plus Oxford Community Arts Center’s selection of her painting for the 2020 Gala logo, what still delights Debra most is to find her art being enjoyed every single day in someone’s home.
An avid supporter of OCAC’s role in the community, she is an original organizer of Art Shop and Plein Air Painters Oxford and frequents her upstairs Studio 316 while farming and arting at home.

Howard Krauss

Howard is a watercolor artist with a studio at the Oxford Art Center, where he also teaches classes. Howard grew up in Brooklyn, NY where he was introduced to art at a very early age at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. It was there he discovered that art is not merely copying the scenes but interpreting these into shapes and designs. He also came away with why certain techniques are used and when to use them. He was introduced to the term "starving artist" and not wanting to be one of them pursued a career in science. Now, being retired, Howard can devote his time between painting and teaching others the skills he has learned over the years. Most of his paintings are locations he has visited during his travels.

Group Statement

Plein Air Painters Oxford is a group of artists painting weekly, on location. Painting outdoors inspires us to capture light and color with great spontaneity. We relish the companionship, and we are inspired by working around other artists. Each artist finds their unique take to the environment around us, and with their own medium of choice. During the pandemic this is another opportunity to get outdoors and safely meet as a group.

In spring, summer and fall, we meet at designated locations in and around the greater Oxford area. Wintertime, join us at indoor painting venues like Oxford Community Arts Center with its rich historical significance and Belk Greenhouse on Miami campus for warmth and bright colors.

For more info or to receive a friendly PAPO reminder each week:   Debra@ArtistryFarm.com


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