Current Exhibits

We invite you to view these exhibits in person to engage with the textures and perspectives that will help you see your world with fresh eyes.

Rick H. Jones - Landscape Paintings

My early paintings after grad school ranged from large-scale abstracts to abstract landscapes. I dabbled a little in realism by 1976, but more in imagery than attempting to pull the viewer into the work with a lot of detail as I do today. I focus on light and color and I work from reference photographs. I would much prefer to paint from life en plein air, but my work schedule at sixty hours a week just doesn’t permit it. Some of a landscape painter’s best work is done outdoors, especially quick studies to capture the moment in light, color and value.

Ursula Roma - Transformations

Wall art and sculptures portraying the changing form of objects to create unified images of imagined figures by Ursula Roma. Ursula Roma is a multi-media artist, designer, and sculptor who has lived in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati for over 30 years, creating original paintings, sculpture, and metal designs for home and garden.

John Jude Windland - Fissure Shaft

John Jude Windland’s nearly 30-year project, Fissure Shaft, is a multimedia experiment looking to express complex emotional and intellectual matters unfettered from the most common form of communication, syntactic language. Mediums move from the tangible to the algorithmic.

Our Enchanted Winter Experience is open on our grounds until March 20, 2021.
Stroll through interactive experiences. Enjoy lights, make-your-own-postcard, poetry on the porch, interactive lights, wind chimes, mobiles, cozy trees, and more.

What's coming in March?
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