Join us Aug. 13 for 2nd Friday Celebration of the Arts! Peace & Quiet Gallery Opening at 6 pm and Jericho Old Time Band Outdoor Concert at 7:30 pm.
Join us Aug. 13 for 2nd Friday Celebration of the Arts! Peace & Quiet Gallery Opening at 6 pm and Jericho Old Time Band Outdoor Concert at 7:30 pm.

Current Exhibits

We invite you to view these exhibits in person to engage with the textures and perspectives that will help you see your world with fresh eyes.

June - July Exhibits

Open: June 11
Close: August 7

The June - July Exhibits feature local artists: Steven Beckman, Steve Goettsch, Tiffany Pacileo, and Kate Rowekamp.

S. Beckman - Train Culvert

S. Beckman - "Train Culvert"

Steven Beckman

"Off The Beaten Path: Natural Landscapes of Oxford"

About the Artist

Steven Beckman recently retired from Miami University after a long career in IT Services. He was interested in photography as a teenager and majored in it at Ohio State University before switching to computers. Beckman rediscovered his passion for photography about a dozen years ago with the purchase of his first digital camera.

Artist Statement

Most of the photographs in this collection were taken in or around Oxford, mainly because that is where I live. This is a well-balanced group of photographs that convey many themes; work, land, commerce, seasons, recreation, architecture, country, and nostalgia.  More importantly, these photos distill a sense of America. From old barns to Independence Day fireworks, to covered bridges, these photographs exhibit all things Americana.

S. Goettsch - Spalted Maple Burl 1464

S. Goettsch - "Spalted Maple Burl 1464"

Steve Goettsch

"Beyond Tradition: The Art of Nantucket Basketry"

About the Artist

Steve Goettsch considers himself an outsider artist who has learned from wonderful teachers: John McGuire, Jim Killy, Steven Forbes-deSoule, Linda and Charlie Riggs, and Michael Mitchell. For his current work, he's combined Nantucket basketry, bronze work, raku pottery, and wood finishing.

Artist Statement

I look for the beauty that people walk past because it lacks the visual burst that commands their attention. As I worked with traditional Nantucket basketry, I found a similarly overlooked beauty in the woods. As the basket material became as important as the technique, I added beautiful exotic woods, then bronze casting and raku pottery. My baskets aren’t conceptual art, but purpose guides their creation. My goal is a simple beauty of shape and wood. I have a modest understanding of wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic appreciating transience and imperfection: the beauty of things as they are and as they change with use and age.

T. Pacileo - No. 15 Flamingo Fantasy

T. Pacileo - "No. 15 Flamingo Fantasy"

Tiffany Pacileo

"Eclectic Expressions"

About the Artist

Travel, art, and photography have been synonymous with Tiffany Pacileo and her passion for creating eclectic expressions through mixed media, watercolor, and photography. Her excursions around the globe as a scuba diver and full-time, off-grid RVer throughout the U.S. have provided years of adventurous explorations which offer unique opportunities for complete solitude and reflection… her existence of choice.  These simple and quiet experiences and environments provide the perfect settings to conjure up eccentricities in her creative vision process and execution.

Artist Statement

Eclectic Expressions is a body of mixed media and watercolor art that embodies my most solitude and reflective times…times when my mind turns off and goes into a world of memories, hopes, dreams, and calming meditation. The works in this exhibit are primarily autobiographical in nature and many depict real-life circumstances of my very eclectic life and personal experiences. For me, they are steeped in symbolism. Some images draw on irony and imagination while others are a literal interpretation of a unique moment in time. The stories behind the pieces are personal and private, but I encourage the viewer to find a memory or meaning as it might apply to his/her own life and experiences.

K. Rowenkamp - Witch + Cats

K. Rowekamp - "Witch + Cats"

Kate Rowekamp


About the Artist

Kate Rowekamp is a printmaker, illustrator, and animator from Covington, Kentucky. She earned her MFA in Two-Dimensional studio with a concentration in printmaking from Miami University in 2015. As an undergraduate, she attended Thomas More College where she earned her BA in studio art and an AA in Art History in 2012. Rowekamp currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and two cats, Buckaroo Banzai and Kyouko.

Artist Statement

“Homebodies” explores our relationship to the spaces we inhabit (both for work and recreation) focusing specifically on how we engage with, cultivate, and personalize our surroundings to provide a sense of comfort.

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