May 14 Virtual 2nd Friday Celebration of the Arts features Duo Rocha Gandara - live streams at 7:30 pm
May 14 Virtual 2nd Friday Celebration of the Arts features Duo Rocha Gandara - live streams at 7:30 pm

Current Exhibits

We invite you to view these exhibits in person to engage with the textures and perspectives that will help you see your world with fresh eyes.

May Exhibit

Open: May 14
Close: June 4

The May Exhibits feature three local artists: Robert Abowitz, Larry Collins, and Gabrielle Roach.

R. Abowitz - Bowls 2021

R. Abowitz, "Bowls 2021"

Robert Abowitz

"Studies in Bowls and Mugs"

About the Artist

Rob Abowitz is an amateur potter who lives in Oxford, Ohio. He’s had his hands in clay since he was 12. He throws mostly functional pottery in the Cone 5 Oxidation environment. He is a regular contributor to Oxford Empty Bowls and several annual benefits.

Artist Statement

Whenever I take a break from throwing pottery in my home studios--sometimes breaks can be 6 months--I always go back to basics when I return to the studio. For me, the basics are to throw ten mugs, throw ten bowls. This exercise takes me back to the first pottery class I audited in college where the instructor directed us to “throw ten cylinders” at the first class. It acknowledges the use of repetition and muscle memory that most artists and crafters use to develop their work.

L. Collins_The Window Flag

L. Collins, "The Window Flag"

Larry Collins

"Larry Winston Collins: Photographs"

About the Artist

Larry Winston Collins is an Associate Professor at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Collins received his BFA degree from Columbus College of Art and Design, in Columbus, Ohio, and his MFA degree from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Collins exhibits widely nationally and internationally. Collins artworks range from drawings to printmaking, mixed media paintings, and photography.

Website link:

Artist Statement

For more than forty years, artist Larry Winston Collins has enjoyed taking photographs of people, places, and things, during his travels throughout the US, Africa, and Europe. Many of his photos were taken with the intention to be used as subject matter for his drawings and painting projects, but eventually, he discovered that they were strong enough to stand on their own. He has published three photography books on, “Plant Life in Black and White”, “Play Gun” and “Captured Moments”.

G. Roach - Tondos

G. Roach, "Tondos"

Gabrielle Roach

"Somewhere in Space-Time"

About the Artist

Gabrielle Roach received her BFA in painting and printmaking from Indiana State University in 2014 and was awarded her Master’s in Fine Arts in 2017. Gabi has been included in various solo and group exhibitions including The Future of Art, Tate London, and 2018 Young Painters. She currently works as the Arts and Programming Manager for Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum in Hamilton, OH.

Artist Statement

In an attention economy, our time is one of our most precious resources, and like other natural resources, we should be both mindful and critical of how our time is used.

Somewhere in Space-time was initially inspired by the novel, Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman. In the book, Lightman presents 29 different conceptions of time, dreamed by a fictionalized Albert Einstein. This body of work embodies my interest in widening the scope of my understanding of time and how this reframing of the subject has opened my eyes to my use and misuse of the resource of time.

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