Upcoming Exhibitions

March Exhibition

Open: March 12
Close: April 2

Mike Wright
More Adventures in Clay

Artist Statement

All of the animals I’ve sculpted have special meaning for me. For instance, I sculpted a flying squirrel early on because when I was eleven years old I was given two orphan squirrels when a tree company discovered them in a sycamore tree they had cut down in my neighborhood. These squirrels were part of my life for the next ten years, often running loose in the house and launching off the curtains, landing on anyone who happened to walk by. They also spent hours sleeping in my shirt pocket!

Robert Mullinex

Artist Statement

German, adverb
otherwise, else, or else, other, in some other way, usually, generally

I love the American West; I adopt it as my subject, as have many artists of the past. It is my intention to reinterpret that subject in light of climate change. The images representing the West in popular culture continue to offer a pastoral scene devoid of stress and crisis. Yet, the West experiences direct impact of climate change from droughts and reduced snowpack to reductions in groundwater, from wildfires made worse by extended fire season to increasingly heavy rains accompanied by devastating flooding. It is this West that I want to represent.