2021 Annual Virtual Gala

Thank you for a Wonderful Virtual Annual Gala!

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Thank you, OXFORD COMMUNITY! You moved us to 94% of our 2021 fundraising goal!

If you missed the Gala Video on auction night, you can now enjoy it here!
Want to check out your favorite part? Here are a few key stops along the way.

0:00:00 - Pre-Show Countdown
0:30:12 - Start of 2021 Annual Gala Video
0:38:50 - A concert by Thomas Garcia & Andrea Ridilla
1:04:20 - Interview with artist Howard Krauss
1:08:25 - Interview with artist Tracy Bezesky
1:11:24 - Interview with artist Lee Baker DeVore
1:21:26 - Wine tasting with Jack Keegan and Bob Toerner
1:50:58 - A concert by Bruce Murray
2:09:40 - Interview with artist Tom Hogeback
2:13:22 - Interview with artist Marcia Waller
2:16:49 - Interview with artist Beth Dornan Hoxie

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