2021 Annual Virtual Gala

Thank you for a Wonderful Virtual Annual Gala!

Thank you, OXFORD COMMUNITY! You moved us to 94% of our 2021 fundraising goal!

If you missed the Gala Video on auction night, you can now enjoy it here!
Want to check out your favorite part? Here are a few key stops along the way.

0:00:00 - Pre-Show Countdown
0:30:12 - Start of 2021 Annual Gala Video
0:38:50 - A concert by Thomas Garcia & Andrea Ridilla
1:04:20 - Interview with artist Howard Krauss
1:08:25 - Interview with artist Tracy Bezesky
1:11:24 - Interview with artist Lee Baker DeVore
1:21:26 - Wine tasting with Jack Keegan and Bob Toerner
1:50:58 - A concert by Bruce Murray
2:09:40 - Interview with artist Tom Hogeback
2:13:22 - Interview with artist Marcia Waller
2:16:49 - Interview with artist Beth Dornan Hoxie

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THANK YOU to our Gala Sponsors:

Official Virtual Event Sponsor
Hardy and Barbara Eshbaugh & The Elizabeth Wakeman Henderson Charitable Foundation
Marc Biales and Roger Atkins & Wild Berry Incense, Inc.
Ballroom Patron
Beth and Bob Baer
John and Marilyn Curry
Layne and Randy Listerman
Miami University Performing Arts Series/College of Creative Arts
Keith and Linda Smith & Glenwood Energy of Oxford
Parlor Patron
Craig and Kerstin Erickson
Debbie and Jeff MacDonald
Bonnie and Warren Mason
Sarah and Jim Michael
Kathryn Peterka
Kim Peterka
Sally and Jack Southard
Kate Wespiser
Gallery Patron
Frederick and Mary Jane Brower
Peter and Kathleen Carels
Roger Millar
John and Marguerite Moul
Elizabeth Rogers and Ernst Bever
Doug and Debbie Ross
Keith and Linda Smith & Glenwood Energy
Ellen Weisman
JP Zinsser
Portico Patron
Muriel Blaisdell and Cynthia Kelley
Mary Anne Cangemi
Richard Daniels
Alan deCourcy and Lynne Hugo
J.E. and V.E. Elliott
Cherly Hampton & The Knolls
Jackie and Terry Hunt
Marilyn and Robert Johnson
Caroline Lehman-Croswell
Elaine McLean
Nick Nabor & Cincy Electrical Solutions
Friends, Pg.1
Janice Belka
Elizabeth Birch
Bill and Nora Ellen Bowers
Debra Bowles & ArtistryFarm
Kathleen Brinkman
Bobbie Burke
Margaret and David Butcher
Norman Butt
Patti Butt
Friends, Pg.2
John and Sue Clover
Laura Hargitt Cohen
Lee Baker DeVore
Ann and Jim Dunlevy
Fey Bruder Insurance Advisor
Julia Fisher
Linda and Jay Fry
Nancy and Roger Gates
Debra DeGennaro
Lisa Groger
Sabrina Jewel and Kirk Bogard
Friends, Pg.3
Jim and Sue Killy
Judith Kolbas
Gene and Jan Krebs
Jane Krumpe
Norm Krumpe
Pat and Lori Lanni
LCNB Community Bank
Kathryn McGrew
Carolyn Metcalf
Shelagh Moul
Friends, Pg.4
Gwen and Edward Pietzuch
Beth Polanka
Kelli Riggs & Oxford Chamber of Commerce
Patrick and Connie Sidley
Susie Sadler
William Schilling & Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity
Dick and Kathy Sollmann
Sarah McInerney Speh
Beverly Thomas
Woodland Country Manor