Tickets on sale for 10SoCo Concerts: Acoustic Eidolon on March 25 at 8PM.
Tickets on sale for 10SoCo Concerts: Acoustic Eidolon on March 25 at 8PM.
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Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

Open: March 10
Close: April 8

Gary Glaser

Artist Statement: Saving Grace

I am in love with visual expression by way of painting and drawing.  I thoroughly enjoy looking at looking at works by other artists and I grow my own artistic abilities through study and appreciation of those works.

Art is also a place of retreat and recharge when the realities of life become difficult or burdensome.

I believe that all art is abstract by its very nature and it is by this abstraction that I understand and appreciate the reality of our physical world.



Artist Biography

Gary Glaser realized art would be his career while still in high school. Gary attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati and designed/painted signage for shops in Cincinnati. He also created billboards that illustrated plays for Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Gary also has many years of corporate work as a designer and graphic services supervisor. He eventually refocused his efforts on fine art, including an ongoing practice of drawing from a live model and portraiture and studio and plein-air painting.


Howard Krauss

Artist Statement: Spring

As winter slowly fades and the weather begins to warm we all look forward to the splashes of color that flowers and birds bring to us. A collection of watercolor paintings of the flora and birds we see around us.

Artist Biography

Howard is a watercolor artist with a studio at the Oxford Community
Arts Center, where he also teaches classes. Howard grew up in Brooklyn, NY, where he was introduced to art at a very early age at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. There, he discovered that art is not merely copying the
scenes but interpreting them into shapes and designs. He also came away with why specific techniques are used and when to use them. He was introduced to the term "starving artist" and not wanting to be one of them pursued a career in science. Now, being retired, Howard can devote his time between painting and teaching others the skills he has learned over the years. Most of his paintings are locations they have visited during our travels.


Thomas Pickarski

Artist Statement: Floating Blue

As a child, I developed a deep love for the eternal beauty of icebergs by
enjoying their visual portrayal through photographs and paintings. This
ultimately led to my spending the last 12 summers traveling through
arctic regions seeking direct experiences with these fleeting forms. They
possess characteristics of color, shape, line, form, and scale independent of visual references we are familiar with in the natural world. I find them to appear sculpturally magnificent, as if crafted in a way that seems too perfect for this world. I especially love the quality of soft light during what is called, The Blue Hour. It occurs during the last stages of twilight in the evening when indirect sunlight imposes a predominantly blue shade on the ice that is different from the blue shade visible during most of the day. There’s also a sharp drop in temperature, sometimes allowing fog to roll in, bringing an eerie feel to the boat ride through the fjord of towering ice. I travel there in very late August when The Blue Hour is in its prime. In this series of photographs, I aim to portray the ethereal beauty of icebergs and the otherworldliness of the landscapes in which they

Artist Biography

Thomas Pickarski is a multi-media visual and performance artist. The themes Thomas works with include minor obsessions, the bizarre landscape, self-realization, and social justice. He often integrates storytelling into his work through text and spoken word. Thomas holds a BFA in Painting and an MFA in Performance Art, both from Arizona State University.

Thomas has had solo exhibitions throughout the U.S. including at The Cultural Center of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa, Florida. His first solo exhibition, "The Middle of Nowhere", which consists of 32 B&W photographic prints depicting primarily arctic landscapes, toured 7 U.S. exhibition venues, and was then acquired in its entirety by the permanent collection of the Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, California. The follow-up exhibition "Floating Blue", which features arctic icebergs photographed during the late evening light, sometimes called "The Blue Hour", debuted at the 10th Annual Songzhuang Art Festival at the Czech China Contemporary Museum in Beijing, China, in the fall of 2017, and is currently touring 11 U.S. cities through 2023.

Thomas is currently promoting a new photographic solo exhibition, “Snow, Sand, Ice”.  He resides in New York City.

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